Netherlands’ job vacancies starting to recover


While the number of job vacancies in the Netherlands in August was still a quarter below the level of 2019, there has been a slight recovery compared to the months in the height of the coronavirus crisis. Almost all occupational groups now have more jobs available than in June and July, ANP reports based on figures from job site Indeed.

The hospitality sector, which was hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, had 49 percent fewer vacancies in August compared to the same month last year. But in June, the number of vacancies in this sector was 70 percent lower.

The demand for salespeople, caregivers, and cleaners increased the most in recent months. In absolute numbers, the profession of baker saw the biggest increase in the number of vacancies, followed by delivery workers and weekend help.

The Indeed researchers also noted that five of the ten professions that saw the highest increase in vacancies are in the retail sector. According to the site, this shows that shops and supermarkets are recruiting again.