Bring These Zoo Animals Into Your Birthday Parties By Ordering A Personalized Video Message From Them


If you know a friend who might need a cheering video message from a sloth, a sea otter, or perhaps even a seal, you can send them just that—all while helping raise funds for a Washington zoo.

For $50 a pop, Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium will create a personalized video message from the animal of your choice. So what will it be? An armadillo? A penguin?

Given that the zoo and aquarium was closed up until mid-June because of the pandemic, these personalized messages seem like a great way to help raise funds for a zoo known for its animal hospital, its Asian Forest Sanctuary, and its conservation work on behalf of endangered cloud leopards, coyotes, and red wolves.

Here’s how those fun video messages work: The zookeepers introduce the animal with a personalized message for the recipient and add some fun educational facts.

Sometimes the animal chimes in too… such is the case with their green-winged macaws.

After the shout-out is filmed, an email link to the video is sent so you can download it, save it, and send it to your buddy… perhaps on their birthday or for another anniversary?

Conservation Engagement Curator Wendy Spaulding, said, “We hope our new Animal Shoutouts bring that special joy that only animals can bring, even at a distance.”

Animal lovers can also contact the affiliated Northwest Trek Wildlife Park for VideoGrams from mountain goats, bald eagles, slugs, porcupines, turkey vultures, barn owls, toads, and more.

So who would you like to see in a personalized greeting? Energetic sea otters Libby and Moea? Or perhaps it has to be a hello from Siesta the sloth? An easy-going lad, he might just demonstrate his natural talent for gripping and hanging upside down (useful for an animal that lives in trees). That, we’d truly enjoy seeing.